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Cathedral Candles

Eden - Pillar Candle

Eden - Pillar Candle

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Back to the Garden of Eden. No social media arguments, tense family dinners, and for damn sure no pandemics. And there’s a ton of fruit. Like all the fruit. This candle smells like that. Tempted? Thought so. Maybe just a small whiff?

A bright, delicious citrus blend of oranges, lemons, and a hint of lime.

Perfect for those who prefer a citrus aroma.⁠ Light it in the Bathroom or the Kitchen to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. ⁠

· 14 oz. premium soy wax blend
· Each candle is handmade & signed by the individual that made it
· 60 hours of burn time...or more
· Reusable chic tin made from seamless aluminum
· Packaged in Seattle, WA

The first burn should last 2-3 hours, or until a pool of wax reaches the edge of the container. This will ensure a clean, even burn all the way to the bottom of your candle. Before lighting each time, trim your wicks to below the burnt portion of the wick.
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